beautiful handmade glass bowls

Elegant bowls add the perfect finishing touch to your living space.  Alternatively, if you are looking for an unusual gift, browse our collection of stunning, handmade glass dishes and bowls

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  1. Heart Nest Bowl

    Heart Nest Bowl

    The perfect gift for a loved one

    ‘Wrap yourself up warm in my heart and let our love sing one song’ Entangled twigs and feathers create a heart shape nest.

    Learn More
  2. Barn Owl Bowl

    Barn Owl Bowl

    ‘For owl lovers.’ Barn Owl stares cheekily from the bowl, with its beady eyes and heart shaped feather markings Learn More
  3. Zebra and Bird Charger

    Zebra and Bird Charger

    Black on white glass, with hand drawn screen printed design. (33cms x 15cms x 6cms) Learn More
  4. Tawny Owl Bowl

    Tawny Owl Bowl

    Intricately hand drawn feathers - Tawny Owl glares menacingly out of the bowl. Learn More
  5. Ginkgo Bowl

    Ginkgo Bowl

    The exotic long-stalked fan shaped leaves of the ancient ginkgo tree are drawn as if fluttering in the bowl. Ginkgo is a much revered tree in Japan and possesses healing powers.

    The bowl creates a dramatic centre piece. A stunning gift for all occasions.

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