Flat Lace Jug

Delivered in: 2 - 3 days

A lovely and characterful jug made from thinly rolled limoges porcelain imprinted with a pretty lace. This vase would make a fabulous wedding gift, it is a unique gift for lovers of unusual and beautiful ceramics.

"My jug has a place of honour in the kitchen, where I can admire it every day. I have been collecting handmade ceramics for many years, but still have nothing else like it. It is so delightfully dainty and rustic and practical, all at the same time, it fills me with pleasure every time I look at it!" Eleanor, Canada

Glazed inside, unglazed outside, these vessels are watertight and designed to be used.

Measures:10cm high x 15cm wide

Please note that the jug is handmade and, as with all designer ceramics, small variations may occur from the image shown.

Additional Information
Delivered in 2 - 3 days
Designer Janet Stahelin Edmondson